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Book by Laurie McRobert
Laurie McRobert - Char Davies' Immersive Virtual Art and the Essence of Spatiality

Char Davies' Immersive Virtual Art and the Essence of Spatiality

by Laurie McRobert
University of Toronto Press

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Selected publications by other authors
Selected publications by Char Davies
  • Davies, Char. "Virtual Space." Space: In Science, Art and Society. François Penz, Gregory Radick and Robert Howell, eds. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press (2004), pp. 69-104, illus.
  • Davies, Char. "Rethinking VR: Key Concepts and Concerns." Hybrid Reality: Art, Technology and the Human Factor. Hal Thwaites, ed. Montreal, QC, Canada: International Society on Virtual Systems and Multimedia (2003), pp. 253 - 262, illus.
  • Davies, Char. "Changing Space: Virtual Reality as an Arena of Embodied Being." The Virtual Dimension: Architecture, Representation, and Crash Culture. John Beckman, ed. New York, NY, US: Princeton Architectural Press (1998), pp. 144-155, illus.
  • Davies, Char. "Osmose: Notes on Being in Immersive Virtual Space (1995)." Digital Creativity. Colin Beardon, Lone Malmborg and Masoud Yazdani, eds. Lisse, The Netherlands: Swets & Zeitlinger Vol. 9 (2) (1998), pp. 65-74, illus.
  • Davies, Char. "Natural Artifice." Virtual Seminar on the Bioapparatus. Mary Ann Moser, ed. Banff, AB, Canada: The Banff Centre for the Arts (1991), p. 16.
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