Char Davies, Canada
Osmose, 1995

Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz, United States
Electronic Cafe, 1984
Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau
A-Volve, 1994-1995
David Rokeby, Canada
Giver of Names, 1991-present
Knowbotic Research, Switzerland
IO_dencies, 1996-1998
Antonio Muntadas, Spain
The File Room, 1994
Lynn Hershman, United States
Mongrel, Netherlands
Natural Selection, 1998
Benjamin Weil, Vivian Selbo, and Andrea Scott, United States
äda'web, 1996-1999

3D virtual reality immersive environment "Rocks".
[Char Davies, Subterranean Earth, from Osmose, 1995] †

Digital image captured in real-time through head-mounted display during live immersive journey/performance.

Char Davies, Canada
Osmose, 1995

Osmose (1995) is an immersive interactive virtual-reality environment installation with 3D computer graphics and interactive 3D sound, a head-mounted display and real-time motion tracking based on breathing and balance. Osmose is a space for exploring the perceptual interplay between self and world, i.e., a place for facilitating awareness of one's own self as consciousness embodied in enveloping space.

—Char Davies







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