Char Davies, Tree Pond, from Osmose (1995)
Char Davies' Osmose (Tree Pond)
Digital frame captured in real-time through head-mounted display during live performance.]

Have you ever wondered how deep-breathing techniques, body movement and temperature could be applied to a virtual world?

Well, if you've ever experienced Softimage founder Char Davies' Osmose world, you would have a primitive understanding of how the two come together to create interactive art Osmose, a surreal VR forest that is navigable with O2, uses the VR participant's breath to navigate through and create the sounds of the virtual forest.

Osmose is one of the most thought-provoking and imaginative virtual reality works ever created. It is often on tour at trade shows and conferences, where it helps to fuel excitement about the technology as it evolves. [link now defunct, ed.]

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